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You need Azure DevOps to send a notification to Jenkins when a developer commits changes to a branch in Azure Repos.Solution: You create an email subscription to an Azure DevOps notification.Does this meet the goal? A.    YesB.    No Answer: B NEW QUESTION 2You have an approval process that contains a condition. The condition requires that releases be approved by a team leader before they are deployed. You have a poky stating that approvals must occur within eight hours. You discover that deployments fail if the approvals take longer than two hours. You need to ensure that the deployments only fail if the approvals take longer than eight hours.Solution: From Post-deployment conditions, you modify the Time between re-evaluation of gates option.Does this meet the goal? A.    YesB.    No Answer: BExplanation:Use a gate From Pre-deployment conditions instead. NEW QUESTION 3You are automating the build process for a Java-based application by using Azure DevOps. You need to add code coverage testing and publish the outcomes to the pipeline. What should you use? A.    CoberturaB.    Bullseye CoverageC.    MSTestD.    Coverlet Answer: AExplanation:Use Publish Code Coverage Results task in a build pipeline to publish code coverage results to Azure Pipelines or TFS, which were produced by a build in Cobertura or JaCoCo format. NEW QUESTION 4You manage build pipelines and deployment pipelines by using Azure DevOps. Your company has a team of 500 developers. New members are added continual to the team. You need to automate the management of users and licenses whenever possible. Which task must you perform manually? A.    modifying group membershipsB.    procuring licensesC.    adding usersD.    assigning entitlements Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 5During a code review, you discover many quality issues. Many modules contain unused variables and empty catch modes. You need to recommend a solution to improve the quality of the code. What should you recommend? A.    In a Gradle build task, select Run Checkstyle.B.    In an Xcode build task, select Use xcpretty from Advanced.C.    In a Grunt build task, select Enabled from Control Options.D.    In a Maven build task, select Run PMD. Answer: DExplanation:PMD is a source code analyzer. It finds common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and so forth. There is an Apache Maven PMD Plugin which allows you to automatically run the PMD code analysis tool on your project's source code and generate a site report with its results. NEW QUESTION 6Your company plans to use an agile approach to software development. You need to recommend an application to provide communication between members of the development team who work in locations around the world. The application must meet the following requirements:- Provide the ability to isolate the members of different project teams into separate communication channels and to keep a history of the chats within those channels.- Be available on Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.- Provide the ability to add external contractors and suppliers to projects.- Integrate directly with Azure DevOps.What should you recommend? A.    OctopusB.    BambooC.    Microsoft ProjectD.    Slack Answer: C NEW QUESTION 7Your company uses Azure DevOps for the build pipelines and deployment pipelines of Java-based projects. You need to recommend a strategy for managing technical debt. Which two actions should you include in the recommendation? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A.    Integrate Azure DevOps and SonarQube.B.    Integrates Azure DevOPs and Azure DevTest Labs.C.    Configure post-deployment approvals in the deployment pipeline.D.    Configure pre-deployment approvals in the deployment pipeline. Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 8You are developing an open source solution that uses a GitHub repository. You create a new public project in Azure DevOps. You plan to use Azure Pipelines for continuous build. The solution will use the GitHub Checks API. Which authentication type should you use? A.    A personal access tokenB.    SAMLC.    GitHub AppD.    OAuth Answer: CExplanation:You can authenticate as a GitHub App. NEW QUESTION 9Drag and DropYou have an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) implementation that is RBAC-enabled. You plan to use Azure Container Instances as a hosted development environment to run containers in the AKS implementation. You need to conjure Azure Container Instances as a hosted environment for running me containers in AKS. Which three actions should you perform the sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer:Explanation: NEW QUESTION 10HotSpotYour company uses Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS 2013). You plan to migrate to Azure DevOps. You need to recommend a migration strategy that meets the following requirements:- Preserves the dates of Team Foundation Version Control change sets.- Preserves the changes dates of work items revisions.- Minimizes migration effort.- Migrates all TFS artifacts.What should you recommend? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.) Answer:Explanation: Case Study 1 - Litware, Inc.Litware, Inc. is an independent software vendor (ISV), Litware has a main office and five branch offices. The company's primary application is a single monolithic retirement fund management system based on ASP.NET web forms that use logic written in VB.NET. Some new sections of the application are written in C#....... NEW QUESTION 41What should you use to implement the code quality restriction on the release pipeline for the investment planning applications suite? A.    a triggerB.    a pre-deployment approvalC.    a post-deployment approvalD.    a deployment gate Answer: BExplanation:When a release is created from a release pipeline that defines approvals, the deployment stops at each point where approval is required until the specified approver grants approval or rejects the release (or re-assigns the approval to another user). NEW QUESTION 42To resolve the current technical issue, what should you do to the Register-AzureRmAutomationDscNode command? A.    Change the value of the ConfigurationMode parameter.B.    Replace the Register-AzureRmAutomationDscNode cmdlet with Register-AzureRmAutomationScheduledRunbook.C.    Add the AllowModuleOverwrite parameter.D.    Add the DefaultProfile parameter. Answer: AExplanation:Change the ConfigurationMode parameter from ApplyOnly to ApplyAndAutocorrect. The Register-AzureRmAutomationDscNode cmdlet registers an Azure virtual machine as an APS Desired State Configuration (DSC) node in an Azure Automation account. NEW QUESTION 43...... Case Study 2 - ContosoContoso plans to improve its IT development and operations processes implementing Azure DevOps principles. Contoso has an Azure subscription and creates an Azure DevOPs organization. The Azure DevOps organization includes:...... NEW QUESTION 51You add the virtual machines as managed nodes in Azure Automation State Configuration. You need to configure the computer in Group7. What should you do? A.    Run the Register-AzureRmAutomationDscNode Azure Powershell cmdlet.B.    Modify the ConfigurationMode property of the Local Configuration Manager (LCM).C.    Install PowerShell Core.D.    Modify the RefreshMode property of the Local Configuration Manager (LCM). Answer: AExplanation:The Register-AzureRmAutomationDscNode cmdlet registers an Azure virtual machine as an APS Desired State Configuration (DSC) node in an Azure Automation account. NEW QUESTION 52In Azure DevOps, you create Project3. You need to meet the requirements of the project. What should you do first? A.    From Azure DevOps, create a service endpoint.B.    From SonarQube, obtain an authentication token.C.    From Azure DevOps, modify the build definition.D.    From SonarQube, create a project. Answer: AExplanation:The first thing to do is to declare your SonarQube server as a service endpoint in your VSTS/DevOps project settings. NEW QUESTION 53...... Download the newest PassLeader AZ-400 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! AZ-400 PDF dumps & AZ-400 VCE dumps: (70 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. New AZ-400 dumps PDF: P.S. New AZ-100 dumps PDF: P.S. New AZ-300 dumps PDF: P.S. 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