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You’re about to deploy an Enterprise-class VoWLAN infrastructure. You need to ensure that QoS is properly configured throughout the network. What Access Category (AC) should voice frames/packets use?

A.    AC_VI
B.    AC_VO
C.    AC_BE
D.    AC_BK

Answer: B

When designing a static channel plan for an office using voice devices near an airport, which range of channels should be avoided to ensure optimal performance when implemented?

A.    36-40
B.    44-48
C.    116-124
D.    1-11

Answer: C

What is the most cost-effective way to accurately measure the height of a ceiling when ladder use is not allowed?

A.    Estimate the height based on known object sizes.
B.    Gather measurements from other objects and do the math.
C.    Rent a lift-cart to lift you up to the ceiling.
D.    Use a laser measure to measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling.

Answer: D

You performed a site survey with two USB Wi-Fi adapters using a special driver written for the site survey software. After deployment, you realized that the client devices used by your customer are getting lower RSSI values than that shown during your site survey. What is the most likely reason for this result?

A.    USB Wi-Fi adapters designed for site surveys may have better sensitivity than regular Wi-Fi cards installed in client devices.
B.    The transmit power on the APs is higher than needed.
C.    Regular Wi-Fi cards installed in client devices do not support the same protocols as survey adapters.
D.    USB Wi-Fi adapters have a greater sensitivity than internal Wi-Fi adapters.

Answer: A

Your customer requires fast secure roaming. Which two types of roaming are specified in 802.11-2016 FT roaming that will help meet this goal?

A.    Over-the-Air and Over-the-DS
B.    Over-the-Air and Over-the-Wire
C.    FT and OKC
D.    FT and TKIP

Answer: A

Which document provided to your customer should include all devices and parts that are going to be used during the deployment of their WLAN infrastructure?

A.    SoW
B.    BoM
C.    Design report
D.    Project plan

Answer: B

Which DHCP option, when required, should be configured and enabled to help APs locate their wireless LAN controller?

A.    150
B.    62
C.    43
D.    22

Answer: C

During your first pre-deployment meeting with the deployment team, you hand out the full design documentation to all of them. What’s your primary goal during this meeting?

A.    To explain design decisions and ensure understanding of design documents.
B.    To discuss AP functionality.
C.    To explain how Wi-Fi works.
D.    To justify the budget.

Answer: A

What kind of site survey helps you identify if roaming is working as designed?

A.    Passive
B.    Predictive
C.    Active
D.    Spectrum analysis walkthrough

Answer: A

During lunch time in the break room of a company, Wi-Fi connectivity on the 2.4GHz band is intermittent. Every other time of the day, it works fine. What’s the likely cause of this issue?

A.    Employees are using their cell data instead of using the Wi-Fi.
B.    The AP in the cafeteria keeps rebooting due to lack of PoE budget on the switch.
C.    Toasters and ovens are heating up the air, raising the noise floor with the Wi-Fi on the 2.4Ghz band.
D.    Microwaves in the cafeteria are interfering with the Wi-Fi on the 2.4GHz band.

Answer: D

Who should be in the final meeting from the customer-side after successfully implementing a WLAN infrastructure?

A.    CEO or CFO
B.    End-users
C.    The customer’s customers
D.    Remote workers

Answer: B

While performing a validation site survey, you realize that overlapping channels are being used on the 2.4GHz bad due to the automatic channel assignment algorithm of the WLAN infrastructure. What should you do to prevent this?

A.    Reconfigure the automatic channel assignment settings to use only channels 1, 6, and 11.
B.    Purchase and deploy new APs from a different vendor.
C.    Reconfigure the network to use static channel plans because automatic channel assignment algorithms are all broken.
D.    Leave it as it is, sometimes using all 11 channels in 2.4GHz gives the optimum performance result.

Answer: A


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