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What are two methods used to protect the data center perimeter? (Choose two.)

A.    session authentication
B.    DDoS protection
C.    asset classification
D.    network subnetting

Answer: AB

Your data center uses a Virtual Chassis Fabric. The ToR switches have 48 ports and each rack supports 20 servers. Each server has two ports that are configured as a LAG. You need to implement link level redundancy but you cannot use two ports on the same device for this redundancy. Which type of connection should you use to complete this task?

A.    MC-LAG
B.    RTG
C.    LAG
D.    ESI

Answer: C

Which two statements about data center design are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    The most efficient traffic flow pattern is 50% east-west and 50% north-south.
B.    A data center that provides hosted services should scale based on customer demands.
C.    A multitier design provides better performance as the number of applications increase.
D.    An application may query several resources in response to a single user request.

Answer: BD

Your company is deploying a private cloud based on OpenStack and has selected Contrail Networking as its SDN controller. Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Underlay tunnels are established between virtualized and bare-metal servers.
B.    MPLS over UDP tunnels are supported.
C.    Overlay tunnels are established between virtualized and bare-metal servers.
D.    MPLS over GRE tunnels are supported.

Answer: CD

You are asked to provide a data center design proposal. The customer wants each rack to be managed as a single unit with the shortest possible cable lengths. Which deployment model meets these requirements?

A.    top of rack
B.    middle of rack
C.    middle of row
D.    end of row

Answer: B

From a network management perspective, a Virtual Chassis consisting of five physical switches will appear as how many devices?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    5

Answer: B

You are re-designing a traditional multitiered data center into a modern spine-and-leaf data center architecture. In this scenario, which two tiers are collapsed? (Choose two.)

A.    distribution
B.    WAN
C.    access
D.    core

Answer: AD

Which two statements describe the Contrail vRouter? (Choose two.)

A.    It is forwarding plane that runs software on a virtualized server.
B.    It extends the network form physical routers and switches into an overlay network hosted in virtual server.
C.    It is responsible for providing the management, control, and analytics functions of the virtualized network.
D.    It provides the logically centralized control plane and management plane of the system.

Answer: AC

Which two statements are correct about a VCF deployment? (Choose two.)

A.    You are allowed up to four spine devices.
B.    The fabric is managed as a single logical device.
C.    An EX4300 switch must be deployed as a spine device.
D.    You must deploy a QFX5100 as a leaf device.

Answer: AB

You want to use the Intrusion Prevention System features of a vSRX virtual firewall to protect systems from attacks embedded in traffic. In this scenario, which three technologies would be used? (Choose three.)

A.    protocol decodes
B.    zero-day protection
C.    traffic normalization
D.    application firewall
E.    application tracking

Answer: BCD

When considering data center security, which component is often seen as unimportant but is really the first line of defense?

A.    guest access
B.    native VLAN configuration
C.    RBAC
D.    physical security

Answer: A

You are implementing a Virtual Chassis Fabric using QFX5110 devices. Which two statements are true in this scenario according to Juniper Networks recommendations? (Choose two.)

A.    Spine devices must assume the RE role.
B.    Leaf devices must have a direct link to all other leaf devices.
C.    Spine devices must assume the line card role.
D.    Leaf devices must have a direct link to all spine devices.

Answer: AD


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